The Strachan Foundation actively invests in innovative programs and activities
that address the needs of Latin America. We support projects that prepare
and empower people and communities to creatively solve the problems they

Within that broad objective, our current focus is on formal and informal
education programs in Central America, including Costa Rica, Honduras,
El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua and Panama.

The Foundation seeks to strike a balance between addressing established
needs and responding to innovative programs and new or unanticipated needs.
Thus, there is flexibility to provide support in other areas such as health
and sustainable development. The Board of Directors has a high degree
of latitude in choosing the projects to be supported and looks for efforts
that reflect a spirit of “social entrepreneurism”. We encourage
imaginative interventions that have the potential for growth and replicability.
We give priority to activities led by individuals who are not only committed
to their work, but who can effectively execute and manage programs that
meet real needs.

Many of the institutions supported by the Foundation have a strong spiritual
orientation and heritage, reflecting different religious and political
traditions. The Foundation does not provide support to projects whose
primary objective is to spread a specific spiritual message or political
ideology. We focus on local NGOs or charitable organizations.