Grantee Resources


Our grantees are a rich source of information on education, health and development in Central America.  Below you will find links to texts published or recommended by some of our grantees on a variety of topics.


Amigos del Aprendizaje (ADA)

Art Therapy

Asociación Artística para Niños (ASART)

Articles about ASART in several Costa Rican publications:

Art Therapy

Normal Stages of Child Artistic Development

Art in Costarican Primary Education. A comparative study of cases between two public school and two private ones in the Metropolitan area since 1990 to 2004.

Art as Therapy in Cases of Abuse, Neglect and Abandonement.  A comparative study between two PANI shelters where art therapy is applied as part of the Asociación Artística para Niños’ work.