About Us

About Us

Strachan Foundation Board We are a small family foundation established to promote social investment in Latin America, in honor of the Strachans of Latin America, Harry and Susana Strachan, Ken and Elizabeth Strachan and W. Dayton and Grace Strachan Roberts, missionaries in Latin America who dedicated their lives to the region from 1900-1980. The Strachan Foundation actively invests in innovative programs and activities that address the needs of Latin America. We support projects that prepare and empower people and communities to creatively solve the problems they face.

Within that broad objective, our current focus is on formal and informal education programs in Central America, including Costa Rica, Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua and Panama.

The president of our board, Harry Strachan, created this foundation from his assets which are managed and mostly invested in the region. The Strachan Foundation has disbursed over $4 million in grants over the last 17 years. For information about the size and source of grants click here. In addition, Harry Strachan runs Mesoamerica Consulting, has been a professor and Board Member of INCAE, and facilitator for the CALI Project.  Strachan family members are actively involved in about 30 percent of projects.

Miguel Tello - Our Executive DirectorOur board is currently comprised of family members with the exception of our executive director, Miguel Tello. Miguel comes to the foundation with broad
experience managing human rights projects in northeastern Brazil with Catholic Relief Services, promoting restorative justice programs in Central and South America with the PFI Center for Justice and Reconciliation, and offering training in the use of restorative practices for conflict resolution in various Latin American countries. Miguel offers our grantees technical support in project development, monitoring and evaluation.

Please review our site for more information about our grantees, our history, our guiding philosophy and for information on how to apply for a grant.

Thank you for your time and interest