We believe that communities and individuals can be empowered to creatively
solve their problems when the following elements are in place:

    1. Innovative, Practical Program Models: We invest in programs that reflect both the knowledge and use of “best practices”. They address key problems using both tested and new methods and techniques that are well-designed and feasible. They demonstrate a willingness to experiment, to take risks and to learn from experience. We encourage organizations to learn from failure and to be honest and unafraid to acknowledge it.
    2. Systematic Problem-Solving: We support programs that recognize the complexity of social problems and therefore design holistic strategies to address multiple aspects—economic, social, political and spiritual. We encourage collaborative efforts with other organizations. We support solutions that are long-term and multi-faceted, but that are also focused on results.
    3. Community-Based Strategies: We value projects that are rooted in local needs and that demonstrate a solid base of community support for their efforts.
    4. Potential for Financial Sustainability: We support activities
      that build capacity and self-sufficiency and that lead to long-term
      sustainability of both organizations and communities.
    5. Committed, Capable Leadership: We seek competent leaders of demonstrated integrity. We believe effective leadership is comprised of a motivating vision of the future, clear priorities and realistic strategies. We look for evidence of effective teamwork as an indicator that the vision is shared.
    6. Clearly Articulated Objectives: We value concrete results
      based on good problem analysis and efficient use of resources—human, technical and financial. We want a clear statement of desired outcomes by the end of the grant period and how they will be measured.